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My Story


Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sivan, a mother of 3 extraordinary souls that I have the honor of calling my children and I’m the wife and partner to my amazing husband. I have a deeply passionate heart filled with love, joy, and gratitude and this burning desire within me to experience and explore this journey called life!

I am proud to say that who I was yesterday is not who I am today. Each day I wake-up I ask myself an important question, “How can I be a better version of myself?” I’m constantly growing, learning and evolving. Yesterday’s lessons became today’s wisdom that I can now share with the world.  I believe in my heart that my life’s purpose is to be of service to others in ways that can help them find their own path to healing, growing, evolving and living their best life.

I realized that my experiences and circumstances didn’t happen to me but they happened for me.  I had to experience the hardships in this lifetime in order to heal and grow from them. 


In retrospect I can now say that my spiritual path began in 2005 after the passing of my sister.  An anonymous person gifted me a book called “Many Lives Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss. This book simply just opened the door to spirituality and to the understanding that we are just souls living in a human experience.  Throughout the years I attended several types of energy healing modalities to include heart opening ceremonies, sound healing, family constellations, Reiki, The Emotion Code/The Body Code, QHHT, Joe Dispenza workshops etc.  With each experience I learned that I was carrying emotional burdens and traumas that didn’t belong to me but were affecting me.  I believe that my heart began to open up to the truth as to what I am here to do once I began my personal journey of healing my inner child, releasing family lineage traumas, and releasing inherited trapped emotions. Utilizing energy healing on myself (a constant evolving and ongoing process) was an important and vital part of my journey. The pain I endured and the lessons I learned were there for me to experience, so I can in turn help others feel better and restore balance in their lives.

Although I am not a physician, helping others feel better is in my bloodline.  As a grand-daughter of Holocaust survivor and great grand daughter of 2 physicians during WWII, I know I am here to continue the work that they did not get a chance to complete in their lifetime. I believe that each and every one of us are equipped and capable of being our own healer. Healing comes from surrendering to the power within. I can assist you in your healing journey by being present, compassionate, supportive, and by also directing you back to your “OWN” inner wisdom. We are all born with it and now is the time to get back in tuned with that special gift. I’ll perform specific energy healing techniques to assist in re-balancing the chakras and body, clear and charge your energy field as well as your system, releasing energetic blocks or trapped emotions that may contribute to physical aches, dis-eases, and emotional distress. These techniques have the potential to enhance your own body’s natural healing process.

So let’s restore balance, grow and evolve together! I look forward to connecting with you.

With love and gratitude,

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